A phone call away

Well then, here’s to us, here’s to bonds that don’t need years to back them up or too many moments to make special. 
 To watching you become the best version of yourself. Growing up to be this unstoppable woman. 


Nod, Smile and Accept.

Make this your home. Make friends with the animals in beige trench coats walking by with coffees and phones, watch them talking. Do not try searching for a listener, you will get lost. Do not look down, the remains of the rebels have filled our streets: Here lays what’s left of a music degree, there lies the dead writer, you take the left from the signal and you’ll find the ashes of the mad men, of the ones that dared to dream.

Our illusions of happiness

Today, these things only come alive in dilated pupils. Hallucinations of a life you could have had, we could have had. You light yet another joint and ask me why I’m here. I take an occasional drag and tell you we’re both victims of addiction. Yours causes you to inhale illusions of happiness and mine brings me to you.

Collisions and Explosions.

It doesn’t need sugar-coating, it’s animalistic, not meant to be perfect. Breathe heavy, sweat. You are two bodies in their most natural form. This is where you can truly be you, so be clumsy, make mistakes, get rid of any expectations, lose your self-respect. Fall, bump your head against the wall, go for her lips and miss


The phone was right next to me when it rang three times, then I picked up. The voice on the other end told me she was gone. I cut the call, put the phone away and did not think of the life she has lived. I thought of mine. 22 The fourth time I heard…

Don’t Leave.

his might be a bad decision, but don’t leave. Sit next to me tonight and allow me to play the song that has our story interwoven in it. Let it play as everything we built self – destruct’s around us. Hold my hand as it crumbles.

Nice T- shirt.

(Inspired by the writing style of Sabrina Benaim) Nice T-shirt. By nice T- shirt, I mean I’m sort of attracted to you. And when I say sort of, I mean when you walk into the room, Leonard Cohen comes back to life to sing a duet with Taylor Swift just for this moment. I find…

The Stranger

I rather know if you’ve ever hurt yourself than the countries you’ve been to. What regrets you carry than the job you love. How you stopped the guilt rather than the weather of the city. Show me the hidden suicide note, not your Instagram account. Let’s talk of rawness five minutes into knowing each other.

New Era – five hills, a million memories

It’s been over five years that I got into a car and drove away from Panchgani knowing fully well that I won’t be back for a very long time. In a larger picture, five years might not seem as long, but you have to have been in a boarding school to know how time can…

I hope you find love.

If there is a god, I pray to him that you find love. And when you do, I hope he looks like six feet of ‘worth its’, as if every goodbye, every mistake and every tear in your life suddenly felt justified. When you do find love, I hope you immediately see it, that your…

So Bloody Bored

As a man, the first thing I noticed was the deep boredom in her eyes. Here was a woman, sexy as hell, sitting all by herself in this god forsaken pub filled with hungry men. Men hoping to reclaim their masculinity by treating her like a princess. Music so cheerful, the dead were waking up…


I told you my favorite part about a falling star is how graceful it makes endings look. That even though something so massive and so bright is over, the fact that it looked so beautiful happening was a true consolation. When I offered you three pieces of my heart, it didn’t look as beautiful. I…